Ms. Elisabeth Teissier

                                                                                                                        1206 Genève


                                                                                                                        April 16, 2002


Dear Ms. Teissier,


Already when being a child I learned many things Already in my childhood I was informed about astrology, etc.  For that reason, since the 1960s I have concentrated myself  intensively on intensively concerned myself with astrology, horoscopes, graphology, the Jewish Cabbala, physiognomy, healthy nutrition and the whole range of esotericism.


That is why I also attended your talk atin the Bernhard Theater in Zurich on Nov. 25, 1985, at 8:15 p.m.  As you know, we met in the Bernhard Theater Café after your talk.  I still have good memories of that very interesting and special conversation, especially since you wrote a nicethe  dedication "For Emil with collegial sympathy" in your book, Votre Horoskop 1986.  I have included a copy of it with this letter.


Perhaps you still remember that I said to you that people would be hearing fromwould get to know me and my astrology work.


I also attentively followed your talk Aat the Astro World Convention 1996 in Lucerne I also attentively followed your talk.  Afterwards, I tried to start a conversation with you again, but unfortunately you did not react favorably.  I wanted to inform you in a factual and technical manner that you, as well as all other astrologers who appear in public and are promoted and granted access by the mass media such as TV, radio, newspapers, journals and magazines, are using the wrong Swiss horoscope for your/their interpretations and prognoses.


To those with knowledge of the subject, it is quite clear that you are different from the psycho-astrologers who do notn't make prognoses.  It is equally clear that these psycho-astrologers who represent only psychological astrology are not astrologers at all and cannot't make any prognoses whatsoever.   


A multitude of examples of such astrologers, schools and institutes that cannot be recommended could be enumerated, e.g., API, Huber School, Claude Weiss and Monica Kissling, to name only a few.


Even horoscope diagrams, e.g., by Astrodata, Astrodienst and API, etc., contain serious errors!


Qualified astrologers from the Huber School and from Astrodata who make public appearances and are in the newspapers have rejected horoscopes from Astrodata, Astrodienst and Astrocortex for being miscalculated.   For example, the astrologer Regina Casanova of Chur, who made the so-called promiscope for the Graubünden commercial television Tele Südostschweiz [Tele Southwest Switzerland]. 


On January 4, 1996, Bruno Huber, the co-founder of the Astrological Psychological Institute (API) in Adliswil ZH, who is now deceased, made an appearance being presented as a great astrologer in a broadcast on Swiss Television.  It is remarkable that he could notn't interpret his own horoscope correctly, which gives an informative indication as to the quality of his institute and of his qualified astrologers.


The two different horoscope diagrams from Astrodienst in Küssnacht ZH for the same date of birth, same time and same place are also significant (cf. enclosure).


It is, no doubt, a logical conclusion: if an interpretation or an analysis can be made retrospectively, e.g., concerning a birthday or the date of an event, then it must be possible looking to the future to construct a prognosis or interpretation.  For this reason, even you and I (and peoplepersons not mentioned) distinguish ourselves from these pseudo-astrologers who also appear at the Astrological World Conventions organized by Astrodata (Claude Weiss) and API (Huber).


I would have gladly explained to you personally from a factual, technical viewpoint and in collegial sympathy why it is that you have published several incorrect prognoses.


It is also understandable that those horoscope interpreters and genuine astrologers who with this knowledge have the ability to construct correct interpretations and prognoses are terrorized, harmed, boycotted, ignored, eliminated, etc.  This is done by the secret powers and people who do not want themselves or their deeds to be understood, and by those who cannot bear the truth.


The mass media (propaganda media), according to our experience, also belong in this circle of  "those who manage things."


The fact that many people are not interested in certain areas or in the future, or do notn't want to know anything about it, should of course be respected.  There are enough criticisms of, objections to and reports on astrology, horoscopes and their representatives in the public sphere and they are also published in part.


In general, let it be mentioned once again that astrological knowledge and astrological insight, astrology and horoscopes are not intended for the general public and are not suitable for it.


If one deals with people daily, as I do, then one can also ascertain that.  The proof of the pudding is in the eating!  Practitioners are simply more intelligent than theoreticians.  The proof: otherwise, the chemical industry could close the experimental laboratories!


Although the current happenings and events of world politics and their consequences require no further astrological prognosis, the consequences of these acts are already becoming plainly visible for a person who thinks clearly and objectively with powers of imagination.  The characters of these people in power and also of the opponents and critics of astrology only confirm their horoscopes, and vice versa!!


In the public sphere, one can only warn against astrology and horoscopes.  Even an experienced and hardened character analyst feels a cold shudder run down his back when horoscopes of certain lawyers, police officers, judges, politicians, statesmen, states, international lodges and secret societies and their members are examined and interpreted. 

One could call / would have to caSsome of them would have to be called and treated as criminals, traitors, murderers, instigators, exploiters, dictators, etc., and one also ought to treat them as such.


There are enough examples in the past and present.  This is scarcely to be believed, but true!  Such members  fellow brothers are sitting in trust companies, publishing houses, the media, banks, insurance companies, health insurers, police, public prosecutors' offices, courts, tax authorities, district offices, district courts, municipalities, cities, alliances and other important key positions such as politics, the economy as well as in national and international organizations, etc.  Here one finds the current Pharisees and scribes!


It is also apparent in all of Europe that politicians who honestly and paternally give their support tofor their country and people are not elected or are brought down by the media as right-wing extremists or populists.  For that reason, serious and free reporting would be urgently necessary.  That many are not informed or are misinformed, is sufficiently shown by discussions and letters to the editor in newspapers.


Every day, it clearly shows that telling the truth is not popular.


Let us's just look at the lawmakers and producers.  They areIt's the same characters who also interpret these laws, but do notn't even understand them or know them by heart.  This is because they always have to look them up in their own law books and they interpret their laws differently again and again, just as they want and as the situation requires!  Thus, things are forcefully manipulated here and power is exercised for one's own interests. 


An international study shows that 1/3 of court decisions are right, 1/3 are compromises and 1/3 are wrong.  I have tested this myself and can only confirm it.  Dates of birth, etc., are thus outstandingly suitable for consultations in legal matters and in order to see whether someone will be treated seriously by the courts and the police, etc.


How many billions of Ffrancs and Euros are thus swindled by the educated (taking so-called legal action)?  The question as to whether or not the judiciary is the least serious of all branches ought to be asked.  Sections [in law books]= that which what was written mistakenly , that misses the mark or that goes beyond it.


I think that with this balance of characters and ways of thinking, astrology does not belong in the university or the institution of higher education.  The latter have has already done so much damage that it is almost a compliment not to be stultified at these schools and institutes, etc., and cultivated as a theoretician and a person out of touch with reality.  Thus, e.g., the whole destruction of the environment is the result of these thought-kitchens.  School education has nothing to do with intelligence.  But in each case the character has to be included with everything else.  It is precisely there that the data (horoscope) deliver the best possibility of analysis, far more than, e.g., an analysis of handwriting (graphology), etc.


It has notn't escaped me that the ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl said on TV that 70% of Germans had rejected the Euro and did notn't want it, which is why he had to decide in favor of it!  He himself thus confirmed that even this politician disregards the will of the people.  Finally, even at one of his election events he consciously uttered the clear statement: "Only the dumbest calves choose the butcher themselves."  In Helmut Kohl's horoscope it is unmistakably apparent who the calves are and who the butcher is.  The consequences of his deeds will still be realized, and they can and must be felt and paid for by the people.


As a matter for thought, let it be mentioned that, e.g., Helmut Kohl, Franz Josef Strauss, Helmut Schmidt and Willi Brandt are cited in the same list of an international secret society!  The German Horoscope sends its greetings!  And what was the former German chancellor H. Kohl doing in the administrative board of the bank UBS on Paradeplatz in Zurich? 


The governments, those in power, even the powers-that-be show their true faces through their deeds. 


Horoscopes of those in high finance and of warmongers are constantly confirmed by their deeds.  Even in a democracy, the men behind the power cannot be elected by the people.  The rituals and machinations of the international secret societies and clubs and their record speak a clear language.  A Freemason designated  described these societies also as pimping and confirmed that with  the members of those clubs were not always serious and good.their clubs it is not a matter of serious and good members.  As an initiate, I know about this too.


What do you want to do in the public sphere with astrological thinking and acting, when a multitude of aspects areis necessary just for a simple question?


The little multiplication table says:

                              12 x 12 =      144 possibilities and influences

The big multiplication table says:

                              144 x 144 =  20,736 possibilities and influences


These possibilities and influences form the smallest possible influences and effects that belong to a horoscope interpretation of peoplepersons, states, events, etc.  Time, place and movement have not yet been taken into account.  For that reason, computer interpretations are humbug and only do damage to serious horoscope interpreters and astrologers.  Knowledge that is thousands of years old, which deals with the primordial laws, is no humbug and cannot be ruined even by its opponents; for no power dismembers can destroy a  shaped form that eternally develops.(is developing eternally).


For that reason, prognoses that are based on oriented according to the primordial laws rules? are also very precise and certain.


Just ask a judge, prosecutor, police officer, politician, lawyer, reporter, scientist, professor, doctor, hotelier, businessman, worker, mothers and fathers, etc., whether they are aware of or are in control of, e.g., these 144 or 20,736 areas and influences in their daily surroundings?


What do you want to do with astrology or horoscopes in the public sphere, since it has been shown that already with 2-3-4 variants of influences and possibilities, even educated people are overwhelmed.  Added to that is the influence of character, which in the case of many in power shows a catastrophic picture.  


                                             "By their deeds you shall know them!!"


It is already so bad that an astrological interpretation for the near future is no longer necessary.  The signs show clearly what is coming toward us.


The persecution of truth-tellers is happening today just as, e.g., in ancient Rome.


The reports (reporters) of the mass media in Europe, etc., are almost all manipulated and there can be no talk of free media.  Thus, the European reporters are not entitled to talk about other countries, because one should first take care of things in one's own country.  Esotericism means first beginning with oneself or, expressed differently, cleaning first in front of one's own front door.  For that reason, serious esotericism harms no one.


It is a disgrace what all is concocted, swindled, propagated and manipulated by the scribblers, reporters and historians.  This is information-terrorism and often a criminal act.  Even silence and letting it happen are part of it.


For that reason, this information must always be mistrusted.


The fact that even astrologers for centuries allowed themselves to be misused for interpretations of those in power -- even for wars, murders, and genocide -- is well known.


The birthdays of scribblers, reporters, politicians, state secretaries, officials, judges, police officers, managers, etc., give clear information about these people persons and show who is being honest, even with the population or who does damage to it or someone.  If one combines a horoscope of a person, e.g., with the correct Swiss horoscope and compares, then it is very precisely apparent whether it is a matter of a good or bad Swiss person, independent of passport.  But it also shows whether he is dealt with seriously by the courts, the police, the politicians, statesmen, lawyers or the press.


The current democracy (state under the rule of law) is in the end no better than a dictatorship.  Only the method is a different one.

The compulsory levies in the case of emperors, kings, princes or governors were 10%; today they are +/- 60%.  Thus the question for us all is not at all so unfounded, namely, whether the current democracy is not a deprivation of freedom and modern slavery?


A genuine astrologer and truth-teller possesses inborn talents for:



                                                                           Not being manipulated

                                                                           Not being prejudiced

                                                                           Not being blackmailed

                                                                           Not being intimidated


He possesses an unerring faith as well as an unlimited, clear manner of thinking and an eye for what is essential, etc.


He has a pronounced capacity for differentiation, can thus also distinguish good and evil.


Astrological thinking, is thinking of the consequences.


Astrology = everything logical, the universe logical.


For astrology, a 35-hour-week intelligence is not sufficient and astrology is suitable for study only for someone who is searching. 


Even the genuine astrologer is only at the disposal of serious people and institutions.  Among his friends are only honest, just and truth-loving people, independent of race, nationality or social status, etc.


Enclosed pPlease find enclosed some documents as to  about my




                                                                                                                        With the best astro-greetings