You will find more information about our activities and services on the following pages.

For further information and instructions you can write to:

Postfach 43
CH-7001 Chur


Faxes within Switzerland:
0860 796 105 163
Faxes from outside Switzerland:
0041 860 796 105 163

We prefer old fashion written messages and requests over the electronic media (like faxes, phone calls, or e-mail) because there is always the possibility that these media could be tapped and the information being read by the wrong people.

This home page was needed, because:

- The mass media (radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.) have not favourably informed about astrology in the past.
- We have been and still are discredited, slandered and terrorized by official institutions and other organisations.
- Our services, consultations and goals are much different from the blatant and one sided psycho-astrology.