We over us

We got the first information’s about astrology, horoscopy and different fields of esoteric already in the parents house. Those information’s and experiences have also taught us to scrutinize and determine things, experiences, events, people and their actions.

Therefore I started, on the beginning of the sixties to extend the astrology study in different direction at home and abroad. Moreover, I attended schools, institutes, courses, conventions, etc. of:

Graphology, Physiognomy, Radiosthesy, Alchemy, Jewish Cabbala, Tarot, healthy lifestyle and other fields of the whole esoteric and science bounds.

Those various experiences and the prerequisite for a critical and objective contemplation of things and occurrences are needed for an objective detailed and entire recognition and – the talent to see the essential part is decisive for a right and correct contemplation of all possible live situations and happenings, and of the small and big connections.

In all this years of intensive studies – complemented through specialized literature and source work of this fields, connected with various interests – I also could make plenty experiences with different work and social class at home and abroad.

1980 I founded the „Institute for classic Astrology for research, training and consultation”

With classic astrology and horoscopy we do not only understand the psychological and therefore limited way of viewing and interpretation (for example like some so-called astrologers of the mass medias do), but the effective and comprehensive contemplation and interpretation, that’s what we tray to explain and to proof in an understandable way of nowadays.

On this point we differentiate a lot with this so-called Astro-expert, which do not have the talent and the professional education, which is clearly proved by their performances. Those so-called astrologers also are unable for a philosophic and truth-loving interpretation and they don’t represent the real astrology and the real astrologers.

1983 I founded Astro-Times for knowledge and information about past, present and future as well as enigmatic, secret and public things.

Since 1983 we even have worked with the important and biology E-B-Method, which offers you the best and the most exact interpretation possibilities, even with horoscope and happenings, were no exact or wrong event time exist and/or - indicated is or – those were for example, only the birth data but no birth time exist.





Emil Bizenberger